whole person wellness, rooted in Christ


My story…

is anchored in a life-long pursuit of God’s heart as revealed in scripture – and His progressive revelation of truth about Him and me.

After 14 years of corporate roles helping leaders and teams grow and navigate change, I had learned a lot. But, holding life’s weight, my inner person was suffering. I received the gift to step away…and entered a long soul-forming season.

Over these years, the Father’s grace through many surrendered others helped get me on a path of being renewed – caring for my whole person through…

  • counseling – safe place to explore my heart, uncovering what I needed help seeing
  • deep discipleship – progressive understanding of God’s heart and what He is up to as revealed in His Word
  • spiritual disciplines – means of opening to God’s grace – including spiritual direction
  • physical wellness – integration, strength + vitality fostered through healthy nutrition and balanced exercise.

I often say our ministry is birthed through our story. It’s true for me.

It is valuable to bring these ways together to heal and grow.

We all are perfectly created and known as whole persons (Genesis 2, Psalm 139). And all afflicted by the brokenness of the Fall (Genesis 3) – often in ways we can’t see.

It is possible to move toward greater wholeness from wherever you are today. To experience “being made new” (Revelation 21:5, 2 Corinthians 5:17). This is a growth journey – and is most fully experienced as you open to the right care for your whole person – mind, soul, body.

If you are in a place of hurt or confusion when it comes to Jesus, Christianity or church – or in a place of seeking or unawareness, I’d especially value the gift of walking with you. I deeply respect you and your perspective. Whether or not we explore spirituality in our work is up to you.


I’ve been married for 22 years and graced with a 9 year-old son.

I’ve also had the gift of growing in a variety of contexts – all informing what I bring to care for you as needed.



counseling &
other services


I have experience helping teens, adults, couples…

  • restore wholeness after trauma (recent or past, including childhood)
  • emerge through grief after loss
  • discover roots of, manage, and resolve stress, anxiety, depression
  • grow through life-stage transitions
  • feel known in and emerge through loneliness
  • heal troubled relationships, including those impacted by addiction, abuse
  • prepare for realities of marriage (pre-marital counseling)
  • heal, strengthen marriages
  • recover after affair, divorce
  • grieve, heal and discern path with infertility, miscarriage
  • adjust well as a family when adopting a child
  • discern well through challenges in parenting
  • adjust well to caring for children with developmental challenges
  • adjust when impacted by disability - self or family member
  • explore spiritual questions, concerns
  • resolve career issues, grow through transitions

counselor self-care
It is a gift to offer a safe space to care for you, helping you grow and maintain vitality as you care for others.

additional services

leader care/coaching
Ministry + business leaders need a confidential space to be fully real and explore your heart as persons and leaders. Your responsibility is great and you take care of others – but you may have no safe space for you. The health of your whole person affects your life and how you lead. Investing in self-care and growth will strengthen your clarity and vitality – with downstream positive impacts on your team and results.

team health/growth
help leaders/teams navigate challenges; design/facilitate experiences to cultivate growth and positive forward movement

wellness coaching
help you create and adjust to a personalized wellness plan, considering the balance of all aspects of your life.

spiritual formation
journey with you, helping you cultivate a fuller awareness of yourself and God; growing your relationship with Him.

Christ-centered yoga
rooted in Christ, a gracious practice that cultivates spiritual growth + balanced physical wellness. Integrated with counseling as desired/needed.

…our inner person is being renewed day by day
2 Corinthians 4:16

I am thankful you are exploring caring for you. That’s a significant step - leading to a journey that will bear fruit.